It’s raining content…cross promote and blitz your blogs

rain-hd-desktop-background-Tell your stories and company news over different networks by linking your social networks and sharing your content in more places than one. This content pouring approach enables companies to expand and attract a broader audience. A blog has many lives and grows its own fan base over time. Once a blog is completed, you can post it on your website or blog platform, share the blog link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook, and tweet and share it on main industry, prospect and customer pages.

Blogger Pros recommends you have a systematic approach to your sharing strategy. It is a good idea to compile a list of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn addresses/contacts which you routinely would share your blog posts with each month. Make sure you are following/liking these companies/individuals for added goodwill. Look for the top industry influencers as your blog travels more miles when it is retweeted and shared by those that have a strong social following. If you mention any other businesses in your blog, make sure to email them the blog, and share it on their respective social sites.

A typical blog marketing blitz is as follows:

  • Post blog on website or third-party blogging platform.
  • Create a permalink for the blog using the blog title.
  • Share the link in company’s newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on other social sites
  • Retweet and post the link to your prospects, main industry influencers and other news sites
  • If you post the link on Facebook, it will go to the comments section and may get missed. Therefore, it is more effective to request the link be posted directly on the wall of specific pages for improved visibility. This can be done through a direct call or email to the company. You can also post the blog link as a response to a comment on the Facebook wall.
  • It will be commented on, retweeted and shared by other businesses and the cycle continues from there. Be sure to make sure the blog has share buttons for all the major social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+) to promote viral sharing activity. Simple to install plug-ins like Digg Digg add all the popular sharing buttons to your blog posts.
  • Include your last three blog posts in all your newsletters so your clients have easy access to the most recent stories and information.
  • Make sure you include the keywords in your blog and in your tags before posting for better SEO results.

You want the blog to have a life of its own and travel near and far from home base.

Having an abundance of content is an ongoing challenge. Blogger Pros recommends you develop a listing of industry and news sources you can go to any time you need a fresh topic. Make sure you are following great sources, so you can retweet and share their posts. Most major news sites have sharing buttons, making it easy to share other articles on your social sites. Some great sources for general and business news content follow:

Make a splash with your content in more places than one! Tracking where your retweets and shares are coming from will help direct your posting strategy and follow the liquid pouring approach where content spreads and flows between all platforms. Today’s marketing focus is to be everywhere in the social sphere and achieve the viral advantage of reposts, retweets and shares.