Consumers are savvy and search engines are smart. Both can tell the difference between “canned copy” grabbed from the Internet (or other sources) and language that is original, inviting and engaging.

Plus, in this fast-paced, technical world, clients and prospects increasingly value the personal touch.

The time it takes to consistently and frequently write customized copy is a challenge for most businesses. Ideally, blogs should be posted at least twice a month, preferably once a week or more.

At Blogger Pros, we create extensive topic lists and write copy for you that shows your uniqueness, increases your visibility and enhances your image. Then, we distribute it across your social media and marketing channels—making it easier for search engines to find your business.

More than 60% of Corporate and Entrepreneur bloggers have gained greater visibility in their industry through blogging.”Technorati.

Specifically, blogs written by us:

  1. Help build your reputation.
  2. Get customers invested in your brand.
  3. Provide a venue for more thoroughly explaining your products or services.
  4. Allow you to showcase your industry expertise and educate your clients.
  5. Give your readers/customers a chance to interact with you and offer feedback.
  6. Improve search engine optimization (SEO).

We look forward to serving you, creating and distributing high quality content that matters in the frequency you need.

Your Blogger Pros’ team:

Patty Duffey, Co-founder and Director, Creative Services/Social Media
Gail Jones, Co-founder and Director, Writing Services

Gail and Patty have quickly been able to create informative, interesting, and useful written and graphical blog content for our medical device design and manufacturing service business.

With the help of Blogger Pros we have increased our blog posting frequency, leveraged their social media reach, and are now realizing improvements in our SEO recognition. And let’s be honest … it’s all about increasing traffic and converting website visitors. Certainly a dynamic duo with relevant industry marketing experience that provide a professional and holistic approach to the world of digital marketing and PR.”

Bob Evans, Marketing Manager, KMC Systems, Inc., Merrimack, NH